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Zina Lyrics: Hi Friends, Today i am going to share Zina Lyrics By  Twin N Twice ft, Imran Khan. Zina was recently released Punjabi & English Mix song which is composed and sung by  Twin N Twice .Many friends are eagerly waiting for Zina by  Twin N Twice Lyrics.So below you can copy and read this song’s lyrics.

 About Song:

Song: Zina
Singer:  Twin N Twice
Label – Imrankhanworld

Twin N Twice – Zina Lyrics

Baby give me one time again..
I’ma hold you…
Close still them on in..
This time only a friend…
Can you hear me calien…

‘Zina azinae (repeat..x8)

Baby tell me what you want..
This time I am playing no games..
You are not a alone..
Nobody here with me..
I gave your time..
You need to tell me aye..
Once you around me..

Take the memories away..
Hold you close today..
Oh baby follow me,. baby…

Baby give me one time again..
I’m hold you close..
This time only a friend..
Can you hear me calien,..

‘Zina azinae (repeat..x8)

You got me where you want night..
You got me beggging for life..
You got me drowning every time…
And you know,..

Can you wine on slow..
It’s the wish we away don’t know..
Okay,  what I think I like you know..
Oh,..Zina zinae.

Just give me motion here,..
Jump in the ocean yeah..
Imma keep you floating way,..

Take the memories away..
Hold you close today..
O baby follow me, baby…

Baby give me one time again..
I am hold you close..
This time only a friend..
Can you hear me calien,..

Zina – zinae (repeat..x8)

Meri te sohni azina ae nice..
I wanna hold you..
And love you for life..
Sach mai’n gal karan no lies,..

Start mai’n kita c with no cries..
Tai’nu banawanga mai’n first wife..
Everyday dawaan diffrent surprise..
Na kara discussions..
Na kara main fight..
Sada connection eh lage device…

Zini tu my god..
Na cheez tu so fine..
So you can buy everything I mean that you like..
She don’t really deal with that blockass guy..
We double up things so we..

Zina mainu lage metho so fine..
So what does it take for you to be mine..
I can trust from here..

I just wanna see ya..
Shake at that vine girl…

Zina – zinae (repeat..x6)


Twin N Twice – Zina ft Imran Khan (Official Music Video)

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