Sardar Te Mardi Lyrics – Rupinder Handa – Deep Jandu


Lookan Bhaane Mere Wich Nakhra Bada.
Jeyon Da Style Mera Wakhra Bada,2x

Munde Agge Pichhe Aun,
Pair pediya vichaun,2x

Pabb Jithe Dhar Di Haan,
O Duniya Mere Te Mardi Ae,
Ma Sardar Te Mardi Haan,2x

Rohab Naal Rehnda Jatt Poora Dil Daar Ni,
ziddi Ae Subha Da Par Dil Wich Khaar Nii,2x

Unj Kade Na Main Haari Ohnu Paun Lyi Garaari,
Nitt Nitt Hi Hardi Haan,

Duniya Mere Te Mardi Ae,
Ma Sardar Te Mardi Haan,2x

Moach K Banne Shounk Walan Wali Pagg Daa,
Walan Wali Pagg Wich Ghaint Bda Lag Daa,2x

Ohdi Selfi Ae End Jado Kar Da Ae Send.2x
DP Otte Jardi aan,

O Duniya Mere Te Mardi ann,
Duniya Mere Te Mardi aan,

Ma Sardar Te Mardi Haan,2x

Laadan Naal Paleya Ae Kalla Kehraa Putt Ni,,
Dessi Ae Style Ohda Poori Paunda Thukk Ni,2x

Ma Karo Ronde Ga Garoor Patto Gill Nu Jaroor,2x
Scheme Payi Ghad di Haan,

Oh Duniya Mere Te Mardi an,
Mai Sardar Te Mardi Haan,2x

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Sardar Te Mardi Lyrics – Rupinder Handa

Sardaar Te Mardi Lyrics – Hi Guys, Get Ready for the latest Punjabi Song ”Sardar Te Mardi Rupinder Handa”.So today i am here to Provide you this full song lyrics in Punjabi.The lyrics of this beautiful song are panned by Gill Raunta while touching music beats are created by Deep Jandu under the music label T-Series.So before move towards let me provide you Sardar Te Mardi Lyrics Rupinder Handa Below.Sardar te Mardi Lyrics Rupinder Handa

So guys above you can see full lyrics of Sardar Te Mardi By Rupinder Handa.If Rupinder Handa is you favourite singer or you want to share this Song lyrics with your friends then below is Facebook Share button available you can share in just one click.If you face any problem while copy or sharing this song then please report us we will try our best for solve your problem as soon as possible.



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