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Fake Friends Lyrics-:Hi friends,Fake Friend is the latest punjabi Song which was recently released.The lovely lyrics of Fake Friends By The Prophec are panned by The Prophic and sung by The Prophec .The beautiful touching beats are created by Haji Springer  under the music label  Kali Denali Music . Fake Friends by The Prophec become popular among the people and getting thousands of view in a hour.Many fans of this beautiful song are searching for Fafe Friends By The Prophics Lyrics.So there i am going to share Fake Friends Lyrics with you below.So before move towards let me tell you something about Fake Friends.

Song:- Fake Friends
Singer:- The PropheC
Music:- Haji Springer
Lyrics:- The PropheC
Lable:- Kai Denali Music

Fake Friends Lyrics by The PropheC

haji on the beat,,
Old friends,, new enemies,..
Old friends,., old friends new enemies (repeat.,,)

O mere yaar c – yaar si – yaar si,..
Hunn pitth pichhe karde vaar,,..
Par ik samay hunde mere yar si,,..

O mere yar si – yaar si – yaar si,,..
Vairi banan to pehlan pehl’an,,.
Hunde mere yaar c,,..

Jinna nu dita si pyaar,,
Oh mere nal karge dhokha,,.
Das’de kehde te,,.
Hun main karan bharosa,,..

Pith pichhe sher waang,..
Vairiya bolna sokha,,.
When they see me,,.
Fir kuchh kehna aukha,,.

Jehde hunde mere nal c,..
Hun disde na ase paase,,.
Kade hunde mere khas si,,..
Hunn tutte jiven kache dhage,,.

Main tur gya agge yaar rehge,,.
Mere pichhe taniyo jarr naiyo hunda,,.
Taniyo pichhe mai’nu khiche ki karan bachare,,..
Jehde soch’de ne nik’ke hunn chadeya ohna nu,,..

O mere yar si – yaar si – yaar si,,..
Hunn pitth pichhe karde var,,..
Par ikk sama hunde mere yaar c,,..

O mere yaar si – yaar si – yaar si.,,
Vairi banan to pehlan pehla,,
Hunde mere yar si,,..

Old friends,, new enemies..
Old friends.. old friends new enemies (repeat..)

”Old friends new enemies”..
Two side to that Hennesey,,.
Caught you boy straight feeling right,,.
Yeah damn right that’s the remedy,,.
Haters act like they’re feelin me,..
Cause I’m counting my bills they belling me,..
Tell ’em boys don’t come around me,./.
Cause I just might cash that felony./.

Kinne mere khas dost,.
Sale nakli nikle../
Smilin on my face talk behind my back,.,
Muj’he nahi chahiye nakali rishte,..
De dunga tujhe do muk’ke,,.
Mere samne ana magar jhuk k,,
But the difference between us see,,..
I’m a genius and you’re a loser cause,.,
Kyun k..

Mai’ne mera dream chase kiya,,.
Jo bhi mai’n bola woh kar k woh diya,,..
Kaun mujhe rokega kaun mujhe tokega.,
Teri I’m game here this is my year,.,

Na na mainu koyi ni sharaam..
Han dimaag hayi mera garam..
They used to be my best friends,.
Now I don’t trust them,.,
Aini jalan kyu all of a sudden,.

”Old friends.. new enemies”
”Old friends, old friends new enemies” (repeat..)

”O mere yaar si – yaar si – yaar si”
Hun pitth pichhe karde vaar,..
Par ik samay hunde mere yaar c,..

”O mere yaar si – yaar si – yaar si”
”Vairi banan ton pehl’an pehl’an”
”Hunde mere yar si..”

Mere yaar c,..

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